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Venture Capital in 2009 – an update for Q2

in my last post on this topic, I suggested that Q2 was the “tell tale” quarter for the year…and the numbers are in. the NVCA has just released the Q2 numbers and they’re pretty bleak: Just 25 venture capital funds raised $1.7 billion in the second quarter of 2009, according to Thomson Reuters and the […]

Venture Capital Update for Q1 2009

I’ve said in the recent past that I believe there is trouble in the supply chain of venture capital and that 2009 might be a significantly down year for fund raising with a potential total raise of $10 billion. The National Venture Capital Association just released numbers today that confirm the trend but suggest my […]

Venture Capital Supply Chain

Based on a few recent conversations, it seems like a good idea to review, at a high level, the basic supply chain for Venture Capital and Private Equity. Perhaps a good starting place: what’s the difference between Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital?  In my opinion, not too much: Private Equity generically refers to non-publicly […]

Venture Capital in 2009

One quick point of order: I am not a VC but I get the dynamics pretty well. And I have invested in a handful of early-stage companies over the past few years; some with VCs, some ahead of traditional venture capital. If one considers the amount of total venture capital raised from 2006-2008, and then […]