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Adding experience to a founding team

A version of this article originally appeared in the Austin Business Journal. by Kip McClanahan and Morgan Flager. Adding Outside Experience Knowing when to bring experienced management talent into a young company is a subtle, yet critical decision point that almost all successful companies will pass through in their lifetimes. In the early days, with […]

Operational planning done right – for startups

This article originally appeared in the Austin Business Journal.  An updated planning discussion with examples will follow this post in the next week or so. Operational Planning for Start-up Companies No matter what kind of startup you run, great communication is critical to success. And one of the best tools for communicating business context, risk, […]

Slow Capital and Capitally-Disciplined Start-ups

I was recently reading through Seth Godin’s new free ebook (you should get it … it’s 90% great stuff) and saw Fred Wilson’s page on Slow Capital.  I remember reading his original blog post on slow capital and thinking it was a bit motherhood-and-apple-pie at the time… but seeing him dedicate his one page in […]

Product versus Services Orientation in Start-ups

When early-stage companies operate with new products or in nascent markets, there can commonly be strong pull from customers to behave like a services-oriented business to gain favor within customers, educate the target market, or rally support from the business’s ecosystem partners.   And providing more instruction / hand-holding / customization can feel like the right […]

In demand: early-stage start-up legal library

Early-stage, cash-efficient start-ups increasingly require an equally efficient supply chain in order to make it work.  Take for example Capital Factory, Y-combinator or even micro-style investments from more traditional VCs.  A start-up raising $20k – $250k simply cant afford traditional legal costs associated with: incorporating, equity and option plans, option grants, convertible debt agreements, all […]