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3 Types of Start-up Risk: Market, Product & Execution Risk

I’ve been looking at a bunch of very (very!) early stage start-ups for the Capital Factory over the past two weeks. It’s interesting how most start-ups don’t consider their idea/start-up in terms of the three standard types of risk: market risk, product risk and execution risk. Taking the time to think through how to mitigate […]

life-style businesses versus high-growth businesses

In 1998, after having worked at a number of start-ups, I started my first company (BroadJump; with 3 co-founders).  You could fill an ocean with all the things we didn’t know about start-ups, business plans, venture capital, and so on.  One thing we did know, because our investors made sure we understood, was the difference […]

The Major-Indie Phenomenon in film and gaming start-ups

In the not too distant past, the major film studios were on a big-star-big-budget path that targeted huge hits, big sequels and the mass-mass market.  Without going into the history of the independent (indie) film, this led to the advent of the “independent studio” that worked with much smaller budgets but also had the control […]