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Slow Capital and Capitally-Disciplined Start-ups PART 2

NOTE: I just changed themes; if you like the blog, please subscribe over there to the right, near the top. Thanks. In the last post, I framed up the relationship between the “Slow Capital” concept and the characteristics of a capitally-disciplined start-up. This post describes the implications of each high-level characteristic of both concepts because […]

The Early 2010 agenda for blog posts

coming soon…. – finish discussion of slow capital and capitally-disciplined start-ups – driving progress with purpose … the start-up mantra – an updated and revised example funding deck & discussion for 2010 – an on-going, real-world analysis of my start-up project (all year) – more on the enterprise activity stream

Slow Capital and Capitally-Disciplined Start-ups

I was recently reading through Seth Godin’s new free ebook (you should get it … it’s 90% great stuff) and saw Fred Wilson’s page on Slow Capital.  I remember reading his original blog post on slow capital and thinking it was a bit motherhood-and-apple-pie at the time… but seeing him dedicate his one page in […]