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Start-up Capitalization Table Template

Your start-up’s capitalization table (who owns what amount of different types of stock) is an important reporting tool for company execs, the board and investors.  Having a clean, easy-to-maintain cap table makes reporting to all audiences much easier. This quick post covers start-up cap table creation, maintenance and reporting using a Google Docs spreadsheet and […]

2010 Example Board Presentation and Discussion

This post will cover a presentation outline and discussion for what I believe is a solid starting point for best practices in a typical, periodic board presentation by a start-up CEO. These days, early stage companies tend to have monthly or every-other-month meetings; more mature companies rarely go longer than a single quarter without a formal board meeting. Because the goal of a the board book and the board meeting is to clearly communicate the state of the business to board members, over the course of 2-3 hours, such that board members are equipped to perform their duties.

Board of Directors Presentation Outline

In previous posts, I’ve covered what I think is a good prototype for an investor presentation or “pitch deck.”  Moving forward from a successful funding, you will start having board meetings that take a more serious tone and serve a more important purpose. This next series of posts will cover a presentation outline, a similar […]