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Operational planning done right – for startups

This article originally appeared in the Austin Business Journal.  An updated planning discussion with examples will follow this post in the next week or so. Operational Planning for Start-up Companies No matter what kind of startup you run, great communication is critical to success. And one of the best tools for communicating business context, risk, […]

2011 Annual Planning Discussion with examples

When you have an executive team, investors and a board of directors, it’s critically important that everyone be on the same page regarding the company’s current and go-forward operating metrics: how much money will be spent and on what? over what period of time? how many employees will be hired and into what positions? how much revenue will be generated and by what means? how much cash exists and when does cash run out?

Annual Planning for Start-ups

finally! a new blog post is coming. The next post will be on Annual Planning for early-stage start-ups and will include sample spreadsheets and the like. Please post any / all questions and requests with regard to that topic! thanks.