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3 Key Themes from the Facebook Marketing Developer Conference

This post was written by Chad Walters and originally appeared on Socialware’s blog. [These notes are based on attending] the Facebook Marketing Developer Conference in April, an event for companies like Socialware that participate in Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. The PMD helps developers like us create products that make social marketing easier and more […]

Start-up Capitalization Table Template

Your start-up’s capitalization table (who owns what amount of different types of stock) is an important reporting tool for company execs, the board and investors.  Having a clean, easy-to-maintain cap table makes reporting to all audiences much easier. This quick post covers start-up cap table creation, maintenance and reporting using a Google Docs spreadsheet and […]

The Five Internet Mega-brands of 2000

Here are a couple of updates from the Global Internet Primer for today.  This one is a keeper: The Five Internet Mega Brands: It’s interesting that, really, only Amazon is still innovating and would qualify as a serious “brand.”  And of course, this is before Amazon could spell PUBLIC CLOUD.  Also interesting that I don’t […]

Global Internet Primer – from June 2000

Full disclosure: I tend to save too much “stuff.”  Old start-up T-shirts, BYTE magazines from the late 80’s, the exterior signage from past start-ups (true: BroadJump) and other relatively priceless memorabilia. 😉  I recently realized that part of my collection includes this 725 page collection of research and presentations from Morgan Stanley, published in June of […]

2011 Pitch Deck requests for questions / additions

I’ll be updating the annual pitch deck post this week and would love any/all new questions, comments and suggestions.