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INFOGRAPHIC: Self-Storage Explodes!

SpareFoot is one of the companies in Silverton Partner’s portfolio.  They’re the world’s largest marketplace for self-storage — a $20 billion-dollar market. Sparefoot also provides leading web marketing solutions for storage operators. Sparefoot was founded in 2008 by then-UCLA students Chuck Gordon and Mario Feghali (aka Chario), SpareFoot originated as a person-to-person storage website (“airBnB for […]

The Five Internet Mega-brands of 2000

Here are a couple of updates from the Global Internet Primer for today.  This one is a keeper: The Five Internet Mega Brands: It’s interesting that, really, only Amazon is still innovating and would qualify as a serious “brand.”  And of course, this is before Amazon could spell PUBLIC CLOUD.  Also interesting that I don’t […]

Understanding how VCs work and what’s expected

This article originally appeared in The Austin Business Journal and was co-authored by Morgan Flager and Kip McClanahan. Understanding the business model of venture capital firms is critical for entrepreneurs who want to raise money from them. How VCs make money, pay expenses and repay their investors affects how these firms operate and make investment decisions. […]

2011 Annual Planning Discussion with examples

When you have an executive team, investors and a board of directors, it’s critically important that everyone be on the same page regarding the company’s current and go-forward operating metrics: how much money will be spent and on what? over what period of time? how many employees will be hired and into what positions? how much revenue will be generated and by what means? how much cash exists and when does cash run out?

The Enterprise Activity Stream

Here’s a partially formed thought:  For any enterprise with an on-line product/service or for any enterprise that does business on-line (I think that’s pretty much all of them by now), a meaningful understanding of User-Product-Service Activity will very quickly (if not already) become a core value proposition.  Understanding what users & customers are doing, when […]