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The BoxBoss Project

Over the past 12+ months, I’ve been working on a web application called BoxBoss with a handful of outsourced help.  The goal of the project was to develop first-hand experience with out-sourced development, cloud computing platforms such as AWS, platforms-as-a-service PaaS such as Heroku, software-as-a-service business models, disruptive distribution concepts, social networking integration, and mobile […]

Capital Factory 2010-apply now

Last year, I participated in the first-ever Capital Factory “summer” for start-ups here in Austin, Texas. SpareFoot was one of the 5 companies that participated.  And out of that experience, SpareFoot received Series A investment from Silverton Partners and Maples Investments and is executing well today. Based on that alone, Capital Factory 1.0 was a […]

Rise Across Texas Challenge Day 6

Yes, I’ve been delinquent in keeping up with the posts…so we’ll get the next two days taken care of between now and tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday was Day 6 of the Rise Across Texas Challenge from Bastrop (lost pines area) to the Rise School in Austin and then joining another 120 riders for a fun-ride out […]

Rise Across Texas Challenge Day 5

Tuesday was Day 5 of the Rise Across Texas Challenge from Brenham to Bastrop (lost pines area). First and foremost: THANK YOU to everyone who has donated!  It’s rewarding to see folks reading this blog and see the donations continue to come in. Very nice and very appreciated. If any of this inspires you to […]

Rise Across Texas Challenge Day 4

Monday – Day 4 of the Rise Across Texas Challenge.  Wow – I gotta say that today…was challenging. Actually, it sucked. It was much harder than yesterday and 25 miles less.  Wet and painful. We had it all:  rain, bad traffic very close to the shoulder, rolling hills into Brenham, 30 mile-per-hour head winds, and […]