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Questions to ask before and during a VC pitch in 2012

This is a precursor to the Example Investor Pitch, 2012 version, that will be posted next week (yes, I’ve been promising that for year now). Pitching investors is part art and part science.  The goal here is to make the science part well understood, dissected and discussed. The good news is there is real learning […]

The Five Internet Mega-brands of 2000

Here are a couple of updates from the Global Internet Primer for today.  This one is a keeper: The Five Internet Mega Brands: It’s interesting that, really, only Amazon is still innovating and would qualify as a serious “brand.”  And of course, this is before Amazon could spell PUBLIC CLOUD.  Also interesting that I don’t […]

Global Internet Primer – from June 2000

Full disclosure: I tend to save too much “stuff.”  Old start-up T-shirts, BYTE magazines from the late 80’s, the exterior signage from past start-ups (true: BroadJump) and other relatively priceless memorabilia. 😉  I recently realized that part of my collection includes this 725 page collection of research and presentations from Morgan Stanley, published in June of […]

The Start-up Sprint to $25m in Annual Revenue

Entrepreneurs should have a framework for thinking about how to achieve the sort of scale that justifies a $100m+ exit – and that’s what this post is about.  It’s also a result of a number of recent discussions and other posts: active planning cycles in many of Silverton’s portfolio companies growth targets and revenue scale […]

Operational planning done right – for startups

This article originally appeared in the Austin Business Journal.  An updated planning discussion with examples will follow this post in the next week or so. Operational Planning for Start-up Companies No matter what kind of startup you run, great communication is critical to success. And one of the best tools for communicating business context, risk, […]