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Start-up Board Management and Best Practices

Founders of early-stage startups organize themselves and their businesses out of the chaos of start-up primordial soup.  If things go well, over time, an increasing amount of order and organization is applied to that chaos. Arguably, the most significant point at which a start-up must mature their processes and procedures comes with the decision to […]

One way to think about start-up compensation for founders and execs

Article written by Kip McClanahan and Morgan Flager of Silverton Partners. This article originally appeared in the Austin Business Journal.   Compensation is a multi-dimensional challenge for founders and the first few executives in early-stage startups. The most important principles to remember as issues present themselves are fairness — including the perception of fairness — […]

Next-generation Cloud Monitoring

This post was originally written by Bob Quillin, CEO of CopperEgg. The traditional enterprise monitoring vendors have a hard time moving their solutions into the cloud and supporting inherently hybrid environments. Bob describes what comes next for IT monitoring solutions. It’s no surprise that cloud computing is growing at a rampant rate – no news […]

3 Key Themes from the Facebook Marketing Developer Conference

This post was written by Chad Walters and originally appeared on Socialware’s blog. [These notes are based on attending] the Facebook Marketing Developer Conference in April, an event for companies like Socialware that participate in Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. The PMD helps developers like us create products that make social marketing easier and more […]

Adding experience to a founding team

A version of this article originally appeared in the Austin Business Journal. by Kip McClanahan and Morgan Flager. Adding Outside Experience Knowing when to bring experienced management talent into a young company is a subtle, yet critical decision point that almost all successful companies will pass through in their lifetimes. In the early days, with […]